Ease the strain of end of lease cleaning

Nobody likes cleaning, especially if you don’t have a clue what to do or how to approach the cleaning tasks that need to be addressed. With move out cleaning, there’s even the added pressure of leaving your house in a state that adheres to your landlord’s requirements for the final inspection, not to mention the extra incentive of making your house spotless so that you can get your deposit back. Whether you’re a cleaning novice, or an obsessive cleaner, there are still certain things that need to be done for end of tenancy cleaning.
1. Address the areas that will need the most attention first.
The kitchen, although it may look clean, is full of old food stains, spillages, oil stains, and nasty scum and odours that can be a nightmare to get rid of. However, kitchen cleaning can be taken care of relatively easily, as long as you have the right types of cleaners, basic scrubbing equipment and are willing to put a little bit of muscle into your cleaning work. Make sure you have plenty of scrubbing brushes and cloths, as these will need to be replaced fairly regularly during the cleaning process. A baking soda-water solution will take care of the inside of your oven and microwave, giving it a thorough clean in addition to eliminating any funky smells. Pay special attention to the corners and any nooks and crannies in your oven, as food has a funny habit of lodging and spreading into these areas. Spray your food preparation surfaces with an antibacterial spray and give them a good scrub.

2. Bathroom.
A strong bleach will be sufficient to give your bathroom a great clean and will remove any stains, mould and lime scale build up. Cream cleaners can also be used to give your taps and shower head a fantastic shine.

3. Don’t forget about the curtains!
Curtains can be cleaned by simply putting them into a washing machine or taking them to the dry cleaners. Be sure to check the fabric type of your curtains and then clean them accordingly. If they’re not machine washable, give them a good dusting on both sides and repair any damage. Remember, your landlord will be thorough during the inspection so you need to be thorough in your cleaning!

4. Wipe down the walls.
Dust does not just fall on the top of your wardrobes or cabinets. Although it may not be entirely visible, run your finger over your walls and you will be surprised at the amount of dust that comes off. Address the issue with a clean soft microfiber cloth. Dampen with some warm water and gently wipe down your walls and ceilings if possible, from top to bottom. The key word here is gentle, because wipe too hard and you may remove or scuff up some of the paint, meaning more work for you in terms of repainting and decorating.

5. Carpet and rug cleaning.
Take them outside and give them a good bashing. This will remove any dirt lodged deep within the carpet fibres and make them easier to clean when you get your vacuum cleaner out. If you have got one, make use of a steam cleaner which will give your rugs a fantastic clean and make them look brand new. If not, consider hiring one, as it will go a long way in helping you with the cleaning process.